Brunch Theatre Company and #HalfTheStory present:


A new play making mental health digestible.

Need a day to check-out of Manhattan, and check-in with yourself? Hungry for weekend brunch but also craving authentic community along with your Instagram content? Come #staycation with Brunch Theatre and #HalfTheStory, we’ve planned a day (and made a show) just for you.

April 28th, 1:30pm

May 5th, 12pm and 4pm

May 12, 12pm and 4pm

May 19, 12pm and 4pm

Brunch Theatre Company and #HalfTheStory have come together to create BRAINFOOD: a new play making mental health digestible. While we’re all for the #selfcare movement, we wanted to make a show that takes off the (face)mask and dives deep into real, messy, heartbreaking, and hilarious stories around mental illness. Showcasing six new plays from young playwrights ready to break through stigma, BRAINFOOD asks big questions, but is not about finding answers. It’s about having a conversation, and we’ve got room at the table.

#Selfcare is great, but #Communitycare is vital.

Come join the conversation.


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