We're hungry for play submissions. Thought you'd like to know.

For our fall gala, we are partnering with #HalfTheStory, a non-profit focused on exposing "life unfiltered" on social media, to present an evening of original works centered around mental health. How do we explore #selfcare as a reality, and not a trend? We are looking for original 10-minute plays that explore how to talk about mental health in our current society.

As this topic becomes increasingly more prevalent through social media and the internet, Brunch Theatre is asking the questions:

  • What's the relationship between social media and mental health?

  • What is the relationship between socio-economic status and mental health?

  • How do we educate people about mental health through storytelling?



  • Pick one of the above questions to explore in an original 10-minute play, along with at least 1 of the following ingredients. We've also provided some food for thought to get your juices flowing.

  • We like to practice a work/play balance, just like how we want you to practice a balance between drama and comedy.

  • We strongly encourage stories:

    • written to elevate marginalized voices, including but not limited to race, gender, ability, and sexual orientation.

    • that are open to flexible casting.


  • At least two actors of color

  • Includes an original musical number

  • A language other than English

  • No dialogue, ie. a movement piece

  • Use of instruments

  • Magical realism

  • Spoken word

  • Puppets

  • Dancing

Food for Thought

  • How is mental health addressed in the work space?

  • Can we use humor to make mental health relatable?

  • How do you care for someone who is struggling with mental health?

  • How does #selfcare help or deter the education and awareness of mental health struggles?

  • What came first: diagnosis or treatment?

  • Holistic (Eastern) vs. Medicinal (Western) healing?

  • How does your specific community address mental health?

  • How is mental health handled today as opposed to in the past?

  • What are the threats that today's administration pose to the mental health conversation?

  • #preexistingconditions?

  • How does gender identity play into mental health?

  • What does the mental health conversation look like in your family?


Submissions due Sept 8

Email your submissions to brunchtheatre@gmail.com, and feel free to reach out with any questions/ ideas before submissions are due. 


What is Brunch Theatre?

Brunch Theatre's mission is to provide a platform for emerging theatre voices to join the conversation. We program a bi-annual show comprised of 6-8 original plays centralized around a writing prompt. Play submissions are open to any millennial or Gen Z playwright and selected plays are paired with directors who have applied and been interviewed by our creative team. Casting is open to actors at all levels of training and we encourage equity diversity inclusion in all tiers of our productions. This is your opportunity to get involved in a production created by like-minded artists who share a hunger to create theatre. 


We are always looking for more collaborators. If you're interested in getting involved, whether it be as a playwright, director, actor, designer, or administrator, email us at brunchtheatre@gmail.com.