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Brunch Theatre Presents

Black Coffee

For our 5th show, we’re asking the question, how do millennials confront the end of the world?

Think Black Mirror meets Brunch Theatre. 7 unfiltered plays, 18 actors you’d love to wake you up in the morning, and brunch to brace the end of the world. 

We'd love to invite you to our opening celebration, Sunday May 6th. Specials will include bottomless mimosas, raffle items, live music, and a talk back with the artists.

The world is ending, and Brunch Theatre has taken refuge in an abandoned art store in Manhattan's East Village. Brave the apocalypse with us for our wildest Brunch experience yet. We've partnered with NYC food trucks to provide rations (vegan and gluten free options available) and we'll keep the champagne flowing because the waters run out.

We cater to your stomach and your short attention span. Don't ditch your weekend brunch plans, make them an experience.





Brunch is a culture that the millennial generation follows religiously. Every weekend, Brunch-goers congregate in the late morning to early afternoon at restaurants to eat, socialize and drink. 

commonly known as: brunch/dim sum/déjeuner-buffet/second breakfast/jause





Theatre is the activity or profession of acting in, producing, directing, or writing plays. 


We cater to your stomach and your short attention span. 



To provide a platform for millennial voices to join the conversation.


We Value

passionate collaboration • equity diversity inclusion • fostering community • company initiative • honest communication • artist compensation • independent artistic growth • culturally-relevant content • humor